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New Year Message for 2023

As we recently closed out the year 2022, it is customary to reflect and look towards the future. It is the time to think about what progress we have made and how much more work there is to be done. Here at Mels2021, we have had the pleasure of interviewing and highlighting notable game changers in the field of community health leaders. We met everyday people that turned their own pain and struggles into purpose to continue to help others.

Your Worth

I want to acknowledge that while some of us feel that we are born into leadership roles, most of us do not. It is often those quiet and soft spoken leaders that develop into true visionaries and thoughtful role models. As we all look for resolutions to start and ways to improve ourselves, let us not forget our self worth, talents, resiliency, and our own power. Let’s not forget to pat ourselves on the back for all the accomplishments we have made and not focus on the negative, or comparing our own accomplishments to others. It is a hard habit to break, however, a necessary one.

So many of us measure our success by comparing ourselves to others and perhaps feeling like we are never enough. The truth is, no one is perfect and no one is immune to self doubt. We can choose to embrace it and learn from it. We can choose to be aware of our own shortcomings, acknowledge them, and learn from them.

We each have a gift or talent instilled within us, and our mission is to share that talent with others. Oftentimes, we refrain from self care which causes us to lose sight of what our own gifts are. Self care is a relatively new term for so many, but one we all need to embrace as we start this new year. There are so many distractions that can easily cause us to ignore our own needs or important warning signs to take care of our mental health.

As we strive to make taking care of ourselves a priority, it is also pivotal to build a sustainable team of health professionals that you can trust. Also, building a team of mentors and a community that will support and challenge you is equally important. Some goals this year can include prioritizing your self care, and learning to say no, and not feel guilty about it. Additionally, growing a healthcare team that you can trust. Lastly, building a community of family, friends, and mentors, that will nurture and support your evolution and growth.

Get Started

There is no right or wrong way to start the new year as long as you continue to move forward towards your dreams and goals. It is also okay not to know what those dreams or goals are yet either. Starting with self discovery and learning what makes you truly happy will evolve into you being able to clearly manifest your dreams and goals for not just 2023 but also far beyond. Acknowledge the wins no matter how small as you move along your path and celebrate them.

We are all eager to start a new year with diets and promises to exercise, however, truly evaluate what health means to you. Maybe it is starting with making your mental health a priority so that you can in turn learn to eat healthier and engage in more physical activity. Whatever goal you choose, remember to own it and make yourself accountable. Share your goals with your support system as well so that they can also hold you accountable.

It will be easy to get distracted with the negativity in the world, however, try not to let that deter you from your journey towards reaching your goals or discovering what your goals are. We all deserve to be healthy and happy. We also have the capacity to chart our own paths towards achieving those goals. As we start 2023, make a commitment to start charting your health and wellness path today and I hope you will take us along with you for the journey. Best wishes to a healthy and prosperous 2023!


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