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Upcoming Projects:

Mel is currently working on several follow-up plays that explore systemic racism and violence as it impacts youth. Mel’s creative works highlight the events of the pandemic and the call for racial justice and equality for all races. In addition, she is also busy penning her first books outlining inspirational quotes that have guided her on her wellness journey and beyond as well as a collection of her creative stories. Mel is a big believer in following her goals and is firmly committed to helping those around her do the same by achieving theirs. As such, she is launching Mel’s Pathway to Your Goals, her goal coaching business so that others can live their best lives by visualizing and actualizing their dreams into reality. To learn more, contact Mel via email or social media.

The Face Behind The Posts

I am a goal and emotional wellness coach who aspires to see more representation of my community in conversations dealing with emotional and physical wellness. My desire to educate and encourage community discussions centered around wellness during the pandemic of 2020 was the driving force behind my creation of Mel’s 2021.  I created this site to share stories about wellness issues that impact physical and mental health as well as the physical environment for people of color and their communities. It is my hope that this can be a place to visit to encourage self-advocacy when it comes to wellness.  Mel’s 2021 is the destination to inspire, inform and empower you on your wellness journey.



In addition to Mel’s 2021, Mel is a playwright, freelance writer, and self-producing artist. She has produced independent projects and a theatre showcase at the legendary Producer’s Club Off-Off-Broadway. Most recently she produced two short plays for Theater Resources’ 2022 TRU Speak: Hear Our Voices benefit. She was mentioned in an article on Broadway World recognizing the efforts of contributors and further promoting the event. Additionally, one of her short plays, "A Woman’s Perspective", was produced by Theater Resources Unlimited for their TRU Speak: Hear Our Voices star-studded benefit gala held in 2021. Her follow-up short play titled "Unsaid" was featured in The Riant Theatre’s live stream event “The Tale of Y." She is a founding board member of Mae’s Breath Lung Cancer foundation created to promote lung cancer awareness and patient advocacy. Mel is also a member of Pitch Pact, a newly formed network for small businesses owned by women of color. Mel is in connection with various local groups taking charge of promoting health and wellness initiatives and awareness within her community. She received her certification as a Citizen Public Health Leader with Cornell University. Mel is also a certified Empowered Patient Advocate under Project Teach, a collaboration involving Black Women's Health Imperative, Friends of Cancer, and Stand Up To Cancer.

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