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New Horizons and Reflections: Happy New Year From Mels2021

We recently closed out 2023 and bid farewell to what was a difficult year for some. I felt blessed to be able to deliver important news to the community and was able to establish wonderful partnerships with like-minded community-based organizations. 2023 came with many highs as well as lows. The importance of self-care was more evident than ever.

We can't help but acknowledge some of the breakthroughs accomplished in the health field. Additionally, we cannot forget some of the headlines that impacted us such as the catastrophic wildfires that caused many cities to suffer from some of the worst air quality occurrences in the world or the destructive storms that tore through Mississippi and other parts of the country. The catastrophic weather patterns including historical flooding and the devastating wildfires that wiped out communities in Hawaii this past summer, are events that many will not forget.

There were positive medical breakthroughs including new RSV and updated COVID-19 vaccines. Promising new treatments for long-term illnesses such as Sickle Cell Anemia and Alzheimer's, and the use of AI for both breast cancer detection and possibly assisting those paralyzed in learning to walk again. These were all monumental advances that will impact countless lives.

The development of new treatments highlights the importance of people from various races and ethnicities participating in medical studies and testing to help facilitate the best possible treatment options for all demographics. Many are often skeptical of medical advancements and taking part in medical trials, however, being unequally represented can have long-term potential impacts on our communities having access to new treatment options and remedies.

It is clear additional work needs to be done to educate communities of color and marginalized individuals regarding healthcare options so that we can reap the benefits of healthcare advancements. The overwhelming distrust that sometimes exists within communities comes from past and present inequities in our society’s healthcare system.

It is our hope that here at Mels2021 we can continue to bring you more stories and information this year to continue to empower, educate, and inspire you along your own wellness journey. Stay tuned for more video chats this year and more in-depth interviews with everyday people making extraordinary strides along their healthcare journey. Happy New Year and may you have a prosperous and healthy one!


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