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Welcome to Mel's 2021

Mel’s 2021 is an independent source created to educate all people of color on issues that impact physical, social, and emotional well-being. Mel’s 2021 will offer tips on self-care and emotional well-being through interviews featuring experts in the field. It will place a spotlight on certain health conditions and interview those who have made meaningful strides in improving their health condition or improving their social and emotional well-being through self-care initiatives. It is my hope that you will be inspired, informed, and empowered by my words as you travel along your own personal health and wellness journey.

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A Mels2021 Quick Chat With Guest: Dee From Brooklyn



Welcome to the first installment of Mels2021's Quick Chat Sessions, highlighting everyday individuals who have taken inspiring strides toward accomplishing their health goals. Joining us today is Dee From Brooklyn, an aquarium enthusiast, and avid fisherman. Dee is the prior vice president of the Urban Fishing Club, a membership chairperson of the Brooklyn Aquarium society in New York, and runs a Youtube channel (@DeeFromBrooklyn). During this conversation, we learn there's no right or wrong way to start your fitness journey, as long as you take the first step. 

Your Health Journey Begins Here.


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Honoring Life Over Violence (Pt. 2, Video Interview)

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