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Meet the face behind the posts

Mel is a playwright, goal consultant and emotional wellness consultant who aspires to see more representation of her community across all arts and media platforms. She was born and raised in the US and is a city girl at heart. Mel is a social awareness entrepreneur a.k.a. "socialpreneur" that dramatizes stories that deal with real life injustices. Her dramatizations are created to educate and encourage community conversations as well as positive community involvement. 

Mel's desire to educate and encourage community discussions was the driving force behind her creation of Mel’s 2021. She created the site to share stories about wellness issues that impact physical and mental health as well as the physical environment for people of color and their communities. Mel hopes that her words can make a difference and inspire change for the better and well-being for all communities of all races and color. 

In addition, to Mel’s 2021, Mel continues to freelance as a writer and playwright. She has produced a theatre showcase at the legendary Producer’s Club Off Off Broadway. Her most recent play was produced and performed at the Theatre Resources Unlimited’s TRU Speaks Hear Our Voices star studded benefit gala. Mel is currently working on her follow up play as well as her first book outlining inspirational quotes that have guided her on her wellness journey.

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